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Bibliothek ehrt Challenger-Astronauten

2. Februar 2011

Am 28. Jänner (für die deutschen LeserInnen „Januar“) jährte sich ja die „Challenger Katastrophe“. CNN berichtete über den Astronauten Ronald E. McNair der sich als 9-jähriger Junge den Zugang zu seiner Bibliothek erkämpft hatte:

In 1959, when McNair was just 9 years old, he famously made a scene at the Lake City Public Library. Residents stared the African American boy down and watched as he walked to the main counter and attempted to check out books on advanced science and calculus.

The librarian refused to release them and told him, „We don’t circulate books to Negroes.“

The passionate young man wouldn’t budge, and instead hoisted himself onto the counter and said he wasn’t leaving without the books. Library patrons laughed as McNair’s feet dangled off the counter while he waited and the librarian called police.

Two police officers arrived at the scene along with McNair’s mother, Pearl. They determined the boy was not causing any public disturbance and Pearl convinced the librarian she’d pay for the books if they were not returned. The librarian gave in.

Dieser Tage wurde er jetzt geehrt und die Bibliothek nach ihm benannt:

McNair’s legacy is now being honored in a weeklong celebration which includes a parade, candlelit vigil, and banquet. Perhaps the most important of this week’s events was the opening of the building where over a half a century ago a brave nine year old boy refused to leave without checking out books.

The Lake City Public Library building has been restored and introduced on Saturday as the Dr. Ronald E. McNair Life History Center.

(via: Resist Racism)


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